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Lineup of New Common Specification

Common Specification

Operating pressure From atmospheric pressure to 10-6Pa
Leakage rate (He) Less than 9.9x10-11Pa - m3/sec
Atmosphere For vacuum, inert gas or reactive gas (*1)
Materials Housing SUS 304
Shaft SUS 630
Pole piece SUS 630
Bearing SUJ2
O-ring FKM
Bearing lubricant Vacuum side : Fluorinated vacuum grease
Atmosphere side : Anti-corrosive grease
Standard accessories (*2) O-ring
Washer and Nut(LSB series)

Operating temperature range(*3)(*4)

Temperatures listed below are indications for using Magnetic seals safely WITHOUT WATER-COOLING.
In case of using Magnetic seals at out of range of those temparatures, water-cooling may be required.

Magnetic fluid Operating temperature range (no water-cooling)
Standard 10 to 80°C
Anti-corrosion 10 to 100°C
Low vapor pressure and anti-corrosion 10 to 120°C

Basic structure and Bearing arrangement

1) Both side suspended struture (*5)

2) Cantilever structure


(*1) In case of using in Active gas, please select the magnetic fluid for "anti-corrosion" or "Low vapor pressure and anti-corrosion". However, another action will be needed in case of type of gas and using environment. Please tell us the type of gas and operating temperature when you inquire the question and place the order.

(*2)Regarding the size of the O-ring as accessories, please refer the detailed page of each product.

(*3)Operating temperature rate indicates the temperature of the attached plane of the housing and the end of the shaft in the vacuum side.

(*4)According to the actual applied circumstance and pressure, there may be a few cases that you can not use Magnetic seals in described temperatures in the chart.
Please refer here for more information.

(*5)Because of the structure of Magnetic Seal, a shaft should move a little (approximately 0.6 mm) to the axial direction.

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