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Improved Points of New Standard Products / Catalog of standard products / An abundant variation to be able to choose while being Standard Products / Explanation of new case goods model name / Example of naming method of fixing magnetic seal and model / Motor mounting sample drawing

Improved Points of New Standard Products

Rigaku Standard Products of Magnetic Seals have been renewed at the concept as "Customer can find a suitable product easily".
Renewed Rigaku Standard Products have been increased the number of models and series, from 57 models of 10 series to 72 models of 15 series.
So, customer became to be able to select our Standard Products of Magnetic Seals conveniently.
Furthermore, we achieved the cost reduction. So, customer became to be able to purchase our Magnetic Seals at reasonable prices.

Catalog of standard products

No water-cooling
motor mountable  
No water-cooling
motor mountable  

An abundant variation to be able to choose while being Standard Products

  1. Cantilever Series for a Clean Environment are provided as Standard Products
    "Cantilever Series Products" which were purchased by many customers is provided as Standard Products. Their bearings are arranged in the only atmosphere side of the Magnetic Seal. Furthermore, customer became to be able to select magnetic fluid for Low vapor pressure and Anti-corrosion use with Standard Products.
    Rigaku supports Clean Environment with Standard Products.
    Of course customer can leave the selection of magnetic fluid to Rigaku as before.
  2. Easy motor mounting with Standard Products
    Rigaku prepared Magnetic Seals which have taps to be used to mount a motor on the same line of each shaft, motor and Magnetic Seal with Standard Products. Taps are already shaved on a housing of Standard Products, so that customer can mount a motor to Magnetic Seal easily. Please refer the sample drawing.(Click here.)
    We are preparing a motor, a motor mount and a coupling and a combined sale of those parts with Magnetic Seal.
    Rigaku can support to save your designing time and manufacturing time to mounting and achieve the reduction of the mounting space.
  3. Various installed Flange and coupling Shaft-End options in Standard Products
    You can select a installed Flange and a coupling Shaft-End from various options in Standard Products.
    For example: Conflat Flange, Clamp Flange(Quick Coupling), Non Cut Shaft, Key grooved Shaft and Flat Cut Shaft.
  4. Adoption of Cross Roller Bearing on Standard Products for Compact Design
    On cantilever series which have more than 40 mm inner diameter hollow shaft, Cross Roller Bearing is adopted on Standard Products, so that Rigaku can reduce a length of Magnetic Seal. Rigaku can manufacture Magnetic Seal at a half size of Magnetic seal used a usual ball bearing.

If there is an opinion / demand, about a new Standard Products lineup, please contact us from here.

Model Designation of New Standard Products

You can download "Model Designation of New Standard Products" here.

Method of mounting Magnetic Seal and Molel Designation Examples

Method of mounting Magnetic Seal

Molel Designation Examples

(1)Housing: F1 with motor mount type
     Shaft: Solid shaft, 10 mm diameter
     Bearing: Cantilever (only atmosphere side)
     Magnetic fluid: Anti-corrosion
     Water Cooling: Yes
     Shaft Option: Keyway

(1) Housing: NON Flange
     Shaft: Hollow shaft, 20 mm diameter
     Bearing: vacuum side and atomosphere side
     magnetic fluid: Standard
     Water Cooling: no
     Shaft Option: with clamp

Motor mounting sample drawing

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