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Custom-made models

Multiaxial Seals

Used with vacuum robot arms that transport semiconductor wafers, LCD boards, and so on.
The use of a high-temperature magnetic fluid gives a maximum operating temperature of 120°C.

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With Bellows

By combining bellows with a rotary mechanism, the original application of rotary feedthroughs, rectilinear motion in the stroke direction is possible. To help minimize the deflection of the end of a robot arm, especially in the case of vacuum robots, Rigaku offers rotary feedthroughs with high-precision bellows that minimize the axis deflection of the seal on the original axis.

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Dustproof Seals

Seals mainly used to prevent contamination, rather than maintaining pressure differences, as in the case of vacuum and pressure seals. Such seals are used to prevent dust from being released from the arms of robots used in clean environments, and to protect HDD heads.

High-Pressure Type

Seals with an increased number of pole piece stages to be capable of withstanding large pressure differentials.
Such seals can withstand pressures of up to 1 MPa in actual applications.

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With Purge Port

Rotary feedthroughs that perform internal N2 purge to prevent the entry of active gas and dust particles because these, if generated in a vacuum chamber, will affect the service lives of the rotary feedthroughs. A typical application example is preventing detergent from entering the rotary feedthroughs of a wafer cleaning system by performing N2 gas or air purge.

Cantilevered Type

By moving the bearing to the vacuum side of the rotary feedthrough, it is possible to provide a vacuum furnace with a cleaner environment.

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Vacuum chuck mechanism

Seals that are evacuated from a hole located at the center of the shaft, such that they can hold and rotate objects. Typical applications include silicon wafer and LCD board handling, with these seals being used in the likes of spin coaters, surface inspection, and transport.

Direct Drive Type

Compact rotary feedthrough units with AC servo motors.

  • Conventional rotary feedthrough units must be connected to a separate motor to provide rotation, much like a bearing. Thus, they require space for the motor and have inferior angular control depending on the transmission precision. By incorporating a motor into the rotary feedthrough, however, we can achieve a significant space saving, and eliminate problems such as transmission loss.

F1-M type (built-in type)

  • Rotary feedthrough models that incorporate a rotor/stator to drive a rotary feedthrough directly.

F1-M type (built-in type)

Model No. Motor output Axial diameter Rated torque
RMS-F1-M-20-W 200W φ20 0.6N-m
RMS-F1-T4601-8-W 30W φ8 0.07N-m
RMS-F1-T4603-8-W 100W φ8 0.3N-m
RMS-F1-T4609-14-W 400W φ14 1.1N-m
RMS-F1-T4614-19-W 750W φ19 2.2N-m

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For Ultra-High Vacuum

Ultra-high vacuum system example using RMS series rotary feedthroughs

Rigaku has developed a rotary feedthrough unit with our unique design (Japanese patent No. 3006780) as a rotary feedthrough system for ultra-high vacuum applications.
The evacuation of an interstage port prevents oil mist and microbubbles of magnetic fluid base liquid from entering the vacuum side, and prevents contamination of the vacuum. It also keeps the chamber in an ultra-high vacuum state through the so-called differential pumping effect of an orifice. This allows high-torque rotation to be transmitted.

  • An ultra-high vacuum (up to 10-8 Pa) can be achieved by the orifice effect and the adoption of differential pumping that prevents the base liquid mist from entering the ultra-high vacuum side.
  • High-torque rotation can be introduced.
  • High-speed rotation is possible.
Ultimate pressure up to 10-8Pa
Temperature range 0 to 80°C
Rotational speed 100 to 700 rpm
Evacuation system Differential pumping method
Pressure measurement result

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