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Common inquiries about magnetic seals

Contact us with questions or inquiries about Magnetic Seals, or to request a catalog.

Consult our FAQ about adoption, maintaining and repairing Magnetic Seals, and troubleshooting.
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Purchase inquiries about Magnetic Seals

Purchase inquiries or orders regarding standard or custom-made Magnetic Seals

Repair of Magnetic Seals (including Overhaul)

The procedure for repair of magnetic seals is as follows.
First, we receive your request for a repair estimate.
When we reply by e-mail, simply print out the e-mail reply and attach it to the product to be repaired, and ship it to our address.
After we disassemble and inspect the product, we will send you a written estimate and inspection & repair statement.
Based on these two statements, please reply indicating whether you wish us to proceed with the repair.
When we receive your instruction to repair the product, we will begin repair.

Your request for repair estimate >> Shipment of product for repair >> Disassembly and inspection >> 
Issue of written estimate and inspection & repair statement >> Your instructions to proceed with/cancel the repair >> Repair > > Shipment of repaired product

  Actions required by the customer

Requests for repair of magnetic seals and related inquiries

Contact Information

  • E-mail:
    This is the e-mail address used in the user registration window to log in or request a password.

  • Telephone and FAX:
    Rigaku Corporation
    Hours of operation: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Mon.–Fri., except holidays)
    Tokyo: 3-9-12 Matsubara-cho, Akishima-shi, Tokyo 196-8666 
         Tel: 042-545-8188   Fax: 042-544-9605
    Osaka:14-8 Akaojicho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1146
         Tel: 072-696-9388   Fax: 072-694-5852

*Please ship products for repair or overhaul to the Tokyo address.

*For Taiwan customers, please contact Bright Corporation Repair Center.
  Call +886-2-2568-4999

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