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Questions about the Adoption of Magnetic Seals

I have been using contact seals such as O-rings, oil seals or mechanical seals for the rotating feed shafts in vacuum chambers.
Can I replace these with magnetic seals?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using magnetic seals?

Yes, you can.
By switching to Magnetic Seals, you can improve the vacuum cleanliness and extend the service life of your seals.
Since Magnetic Seals are sealed with standard magnetic fluid, there is no solid-solid contact. As a result, you can keep a clean operating environment without generating dust by friction.
For a detailed description of the advantages of magnetic seals, please see Rotary Feedthrough.
Initial cost of introducing Magnetic Seals.
But you can profit over cost because their period of maintenance work are much longer than contact seals.
For details, please contact us.

How fast can Magnetic Seals rotate?

A Rigaku's custom-made Magnetic Seals have the actual performance of circumferential velocity 21m/s.
(at 40mm Shaft Dia. , 10000rpm)
For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Can Magnetic Seals be used for liquid stirring device?

Yes, Magnetic Seals have proven to be effective in the stirring device for industrial adhesives, sludge digester and so on.
However, please note that fluids cannot be sealed by it directly.
For details, please contact us.

Can Magnetic Seals be used in Vacuum Chucks?

Yes, Magnetic seals can stick to the sample and rotate it at high speed without damage.
For details, please see Applications: Vacuum Chucks.

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Can Magnetic Seals be used for Gas Induction?

Yes, more than one gas introductions such as reactant gas and purge gas are possible from Magnetic Seals.
These are useful for making the entire system into simple and compact one.
For details, please see Applications: Gas Induction Mechanism.

Can Magnetic Seals be used in corrosive-gas environments?

It depends on the species, temperature and concentration of the gas.
For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

We need the Magnetic Seal quickly. Can Rigaku supply it in quick delivery?

We cooperate as much as possible to reduce term of works. Or we can also propose instant delivery products.
Please contact us.

Can Rigaku make custom-made Magnetic Seals?

We are willing to supply custom-made Magnetic Seals in small lots that satisfied your requirements.
Please contact us.

How often should Magnetic Seals be overhauled?

It depends on your service conditions.
For details, please contact us.

Does Rigaku perform repairs on Magnetic Seals?
What does it cost and how many days does it take to repair Magnetic Seals?

Yes. Rigaku performs repair.
Please send Magnetic Seals back to Rigaku without disassembling or just contact us.
The repairing cost is about a half of a new product price. It varies depending on repair work, so it should be used only as a guide.
Repair lead Time:
After you send the Magnetic Seals to Rigaku, we will contact you with a repair estimate. Generally it takes 3 weeks from the date of request for repairs.

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What is the warranty period for Magnetic seals?

Rigaku' warranty is 12 months on new products. For repaired products, it is 3 months.

Where can I get a copy of a instruction manual for Magnetic Seals?

Instruction manual can be downloaded from here.

Are accessories such as O-rings, keys or water-cooling fittings included with shipment?

Magnetic Seals come equipped with a set of O-rings.
Keys and water-cooling fittings are not included with shipment. Please provide your own as necessary.

In the case of water-cooled Magnetic Seals, what is the applicable flow rate and pressure of cooling water?

The flow rate of 1L/min should be fine. The max pressure is 0.5MPa.

Are Magnetic Seals compliant with RoHS?

Our Standard Products are compliant with RoHS.
For custom-made products, we issue a certificate of RoHS Compliance if required.

What is "Magnetic Circuit Configuration unique to Rigaku"?

Rigaku's Magnetic Seals adopt a unique Magnetic Circuit Configuration that uses multiple magnets.
As a result, Rigaku's Magnetic Seal is superior to the competitors' one in the following respect;
High differential pressure
minimal leakage of the magnetic flux
tolerance to external magnetic field
For details, please see "What is a Magnetic Seal"?

What is a "clean" standard Magnetic fluid that can be used in high-temperature and high-vacuum environments?

That is Rigaku's heat-resistant, clean-vacuum standard Magnetic fluid which has ultra low outgassing characteristics.
It is ideal for environments where contamination is prohibited, such as semiconductor manufacturing.
For details, please see Characteristics of Rigaku standard magnetic fluids.

Can Rigaku modify standard products to meet my requirements?

Modification example: Change of fitting holes, Change length of shaft and flange cutting etc.
However, it takes a little more time to ship it than standard products.
For details, please contact us.

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