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Vacuum transport robot

Proposing highly sophisticated robot seals.

As applications for clean/vacuum robots become more diverse, Rigaku's rotary feedthrough units are constantly being designed to satisfy customer specifications.
Thanks to Rigaku's advanced technologies, the center deviation has been reduced to support positioning accuracy for large-size FPD substrates and semiconductor wafers. Rigaku aims to satisfy diverse customer needs such as those with pressure differential seals or bellows seals (linear reciprocating motion).

  • Satisfying customer needs with tip displacement-free, high-precision, multi-axial seals combined with high-precision processing technologies developed with Rigaku X-ray diffractometers.
  • The unique magnetic circuit, free from magnetic field interference between the seals, makes multi-axial seals compact.
  • High-precision technologies for producing powerful magnets and pole pieces enable the manufacture of large seals with a diameter of 100 mm or more.
  • Thin, dustproof seals that can withstand pressure differentials of 20 kPa or less can be manufactured.


Multi-axial seals and dustproof pressure differential seals are custom made products.
Please tell us environment, temperature range, required shape, load and tolerance of size from here.
We will advise you the best solution.

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