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Vacuum furnace/pressurized furnace

For a wide variety of furnaces besides the vacuum heat treating furnace

pic_case02_04.gif(14410 byte) 'Quenching' is a process that a material is cooled rapidly by circulation of the high-pressure gas after it is held to high temperature in a vacuum furnace.
Many Rigaku products have been adopted as motion feedthrough of the fan for the circulating high-pressure gas.
The shaft with a high rigidity due to Rigaku's original seal design enables high-load capability and high torque transmission capability.

A typical feedthrough for the high-pressure furnace

Rigaku rotay feedthroughs have been running in the various types of industrial furnaces such as vacuum heat treating furnaces, sintering furnaces, carburizing furnaces and nitriding furnaces.
The drawing below is the production example of a rotary feedthrough which withstand differential pressure up to 0.9MPa.

The high-pressure type feedthrough is a custom-made product

If you have an interest in the application, please send us the specification via the inquiry form.

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