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Vacuum chuck mechanism

Ideal for sample adsorption

  • Wafers can be adsorbed firmly without being scratched during transport, or and LCD glass substrates during high-speed rotation using a spin coater, etc.
  • Demand is gradually increasing for rotary feedthroughs for use in vacuum chucks because they offer the advantage of permitting vacuuming through them, thereby eliminating unnecessary space and, in addition, they can offer stable rotation.


Magnetic seals for Vacuum chucking are custom made products.
Please tell us chucked material, environment, temperature range, rotating speed, required shape, load and tolerance of size from here. We will advise you the best solution.

Other applications

Roll-to-roll processing equipment / Vacuum transport robot / CVD equipment / Sputtering systems / Ion implanter / Single crystal growth / Vacuum furnace / Pressurized furnace / Etching systems / X-ray generator / Stirrer / Gas induction mechanism / Arc discharger / Epitaxial growth system

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