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Contributes to protecting the environment through water treatment

Rigaku rotary feedthroughs are adopted for the shaft seal of the digester chamber which treats sewage sludge.
The rotary feedthrough prevents gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide generated by digesting sewage sludge from leaking out of the chamber.
Moreover, it has saved the time and cost of maintenance work compared with the conventional water seal method.

For the shaft seal for mixing tank or reactor

pic_case02_stirrer.gif(4925 byte) Rigaku rotary feedthroughs are available to both negative pressure and positive pressure, the leakage is almost zero or ignorable.
(He leak rate: less than 9.9x10-11Pa.m3/sec)

The rotary feedthroughs can be used for the shaft seals of stirred reactors, vacuum kneading machines and vacuum defoamers.
Since they do not wear out by friction like contact seals such as O-rings or gland packings, the product is not contaminated.
Furthermore, they do not need the maintenance work such as supplying the sealing fluid or tightening the gland nuts.

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