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Sputtering systems

Provides the vacuum rotary feedthrough with low magnetic flux leakage

A lot of Rigaku rotary feedthroughs have been adopted for the sputtering systems that form transparent conductive coatings and antireflective coatings necessary for manufacturing solar cells, touchscreens and FPD etc.
They can use for various types of equipments such as ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering, ECR plasma sputtering and reactive sputtering.
It has been thought that the magnetic flux leakage from the magnetic fluid seal unit cannot be avoided since it consists of magnets and magnetic materials.
Due to magnetic circuit configuration unique to Rigaku, there is almost no magnetic flux leakage from our rotary feedthroughs.

Rigaku rotary feedthroughs suitable for sputtering systems

To avoid metal contamination, we can recommend FMB-C series and F1B-C which does not arrange bearing to a vacuum side.
Hollow shaft rotary feedthroughs can introduce not only rotary/linear motion but also electrical power and cooling water into vacuum system.
In that case, we can recommend F1T-C series.


You can ask for your own custom-made design. Please feel free to contact us.

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