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Single crystal growth

Excellent magnetic field resistance.

Experiment results

Pulling up crystal ingots exceeding 300 mm in diameter requires a powerful magnetic field, such as in the case of the MCZ method, the cusped magnetic field method, and so on. The rotary feedthroughs used with these methods should not be affected by the magnetic field. Rigaku's unique rotary feedthrough structure, which is resistant to magnetic fields, has been proven effective in applications involving the pulling up of ingots with a diameter of 400 mm at SSi.

Suitable seals for Single crystal growth equipment

In Single crystal growth equipment we recommend adopting magnetic seals of standard series, NFT-B and F1T-B. They have only basic sealing functions.
We have experience of making magnetic seals which is required to rotate with accuracy holding crucible and winding up equipment.


Please be careful about temperature range and gas of environment when you choose magnetic seals.
Please tell us required shape and load from here, if Standard series do not meet your requirement.
We will advise you the best solution.

Other applications

Roll-to-roll processing equipment / Vacuum transport robot / CVD equipment / Sputtering systems / Ion implanter / Vacuum chuck mechanism / Vacuum furnace / Pressurized furnace / Etching systems / X-ray generator / Stirrer / Gas induction mechanism / Arc discharger / Epitaxial growth system

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