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Ion implanter

Transmitting high-speed rotation while minimizing center distortion and resonance.

  • Rigaku's unique technologies enable high-speed rotation while suppressing resonance.
  • Long service life with less center distortion even with high-temperature, high-vacuum, and high-load applications.
  • Rigaku can manufacture rotary feedthrough units for use in all types of ion implanter.

Suitable seals for Ion implanter

Magnetic seal is used at high rotation speed in almost Ion implanter. So, we recommend adopting magnetic seals of cantilever series, FMB-C, F1B-C and F1T-C. They have no bearing in the vacuum side. Additionally, water cooling should be adopted to avoid heating up of a magnetic seal at high speed rotation.


Please be careful about temperature range and gas of environment when you choose magnetic seals.
Please tell us required shape and load from here, if Standard series do not meet your requirement.
We will advise you the best solution.

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