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Roll-to-Roll Processing Equipment

For manufacturing flexible devices such as displays, lightings and solar cells

Roll-to-roll processing is the process of coating thin films on a roll of flexible plastic substrate by CVD or sputtering etc. It is one of the important technology to realize the mass production of flexible displays, lightings and solar cells.
The rotary feedthroughs are sealed with the magnetic fluids, so they don't abrade like contact seals such as the O-rings and the mechanical seals. As well as not contaminating the processing surface, the magnetic fluid seals have a long service life.
Rigaku rotary feedthroughs will help to reduce production cost and improve throughput.

Rigaku rotary feedthroughs suitable for roll-to-roll processing equipment

The rotary feedthrough of the hollow shaft type that you can use the particular kind of rotation shaft (e.g. non-magnetic materials or elongate materials) is suitable for roll-to-roll processing equipment.
You can choose from our standard product line.
There are F1T-B series of standard structure, F1T-C series of the structure that bearings are not exposed to the vacuum.


Or you can ask for your own custom-made design.
Please tell us your specification in details. e.g. rotating speed, load and process condition.

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