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CVD equipment

Offering rotary feedthroughs that can withstand high-temperature inert gas.

We are providing many magnetic seals for large CVD equipment manufacturing companies for a long time.
Many companies are choosing our magnetic seals officially.
After considerable research and testing, Rigaku has succeeded in developing a new magnetic fluid that generates hardly any gas at high temperatures.
This new magnetic fluid and the improved rotary feedthrough structure extends the service life of the rotary feedthrough unit under service conditions that are regarded as being impossible for the seals used in CVD equipment.

Even, smooth rotation contributes to the formation of a film with a uniform thickness.

Suitable seals for CVD equipment

Corrosive gases are used in almost CVD equipment. So, we recommend adopting magnetic seals of cantilever series, FMB-C, F1B-C and F1T-C. They have no bearing in the process side.
Please feel free to contact us when you treat special process. We will select special materials for parts.


Please be careful about temperature range and gas of environment when you choose magnetic seals.
Please tell us required shape and load from here.
We will advise you the best solution.

Typical magnetic seal suitable for CVD equipment

Other applications

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